About HELM


What is HELM?

HELM is a vehicle for delivering relevant leadership-centric learning. ‘Your Hub for the Essentials of Leadership & Management or HELM is designed to lift your leadership potential and capability anytime that suits you, and anywhere you need it, and in a format that suits you too. From two-minute reads to more in-depth online courses and face-to-face training sessions, HELM is for leading others and those leading themselves.

How Does It Work?

Because HELM is an experience rather than a ‘thing’ it uses three touchpoints: the HELM Hub, the HELM website, and the HELM mailer.

The HELM Hub - This is part of healthLearn, a Learning Management System (LMS, for those of you who prefer acronyms...) that runs any online learning content and tracks your learning so that you can show it off later.

The HELM Website - This complements the Hub by storing content that you don’t have to log in to view, and might like to share with other people. Here, you’ll find articles, videos, or even podcasts that are sorted by relevant themes.

The HELM Mailer - The final piece is our MailChimp list that we use to send the quickest and most relevant updates as they happen. Use the link to join our mailer today, or share with someone who you think might like to become a part of the HELM community.

Who’s HELM For?

HELM is centred on Leaders in healthcare, but also caters for anyone who either leads people themselves, or wants to be a leader in their own team, field, and whānau - in other words, it's for anyone! The HELM Team also encourage you to recommend HELM to your colleagues or friends who have aspirations of becoming any sort of Leader or may just benefit from the content. At HELM, all are welcome.

What Should I Expect?

Because we want to offer anytime, anywhere, relevant learning, we’ve created content that’s either bite-sized, snack-sized, or meal-sized (are you hungry yet?). This means that you might read a 2-min article (that’s a ‘bite’), or dive deeper with something like an online learning experience (we’re calling that a ‘snack’), or you might want to put some face-to-face training or practice in your diary and attend a workshop or session (yep, that’s a ‘meal’!). We’ll always give you an idea of how long something might take so you know what you’re in for, and if somethings not for you, or not for ‘right now’ then you can close your browser down and come back to it when it suits you.

Got a suggestion?

If you’ve got a great idea, or even some feedback, that you want to share, email helm@cdhb.health.nz - we’d love to hear from you!

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